A Woman Gives Birth Four Children” After rescued from flood rally.

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After being rescued from a flood rally, gave birth to four children


BAJAUR: After being rescued from a flood rally, a woman from Samasai, Loi Sam area of Tehsil Khar, gave birth to four children, at Shifa Surgical Center, on Sunday
According to the hospital administration, babies were born through operation, Dr. Rabia Basri said that all four babies, one boy and three girls – and the mother are out of danger


District Emergency Officer (DEO) Saad Khan told The Frontier Star that when the woman was being taken to the hospital, the fielder vehicle got stuck in the flood barrier, with 6 people in the vehicle including the woman.

خاتون کے ہاں بیک وقت چار بچوں کی پیدائش

All the people were rescued by the professional personnel of Rescue 1122 Bajaur, and the woman was shifted to the hospital
On the orders of Director General Rescue 1122 KP, I will distribute certificates and cash to the rescue personnel: Saad Khan

It should be noted that due to the recent rains, several roads in Bajaur are closed due to the lack of communication bridges and the traffic of people along the headquarters Khar is cut off.

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