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Young player died during playing snow hockey at Kalash valley Bumborat

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By: Gul Hamad Farooqi

CHITRAL:  A young player was died felling down from the ceiling while playing snow hockey in the Kailash Valley. According to details, the people of Kailash Valley were playing their ancient cultural games ice  hockey after the recent heavy snowfall. In the meantime, a player was died while getting ball from the top of a police station roof.

A young player, namely Sher Anjum son of  Sultan Rome, who is said to be twenty -five years old, is resident of Broontar village in front of Pahlawanandeh.  He Was playing snow game contains a wooden ball  that is black -colored so that it does not disappear in the ice because the color of the ice is white, so the ball is black. During the game, the ball fell to the roof of the under-construction police station. Sher Anjum climbed the roof of the police station and threw the ball down, but because of the heavy snow, he did not realize and fell down on the floor below the ceiling, causing him to his death.  His father, Sultan Rome, has also died, one brother is a driver and the other is in Dubai.

When the young player fell down, the Kailash Valley  road was closed for all kinds of traffic due to heavy snowfall, which led to neither rushed to the hospital in a timely nor they could  gave him first aid and  he died on the way. Talking to our correspondent, some elders from Kailash said that in the name of Kailash Development Authority, the missionary worth million of rupees was built, which included excavator,  Loaders, Dusban, Trolley Tractors and other machinery. But the whole machinery are standing  in the office of the Tehsil Municipal Administration, which also has a rust. The people of the Kailash Valley have demanded that the machinery and equipment that has come in the name of  Kailash Development Authority should be utilized for opening roads of Bumborat, Rumbore and Berir, so that the people here are at least could be taken their patient and injured persons  to the hospital in a timely manner, and thus did not fall into his beloved death in front of their eyes.

Prominent physician and social worker Dr Muhammad Adnan have demanded from the Chief minister KP for posting a doctor in the only Basic Health Unit (BHU) of Bumborat which is running for the last so many year without doctor. He said that if a doctor was posted here people of the area comprising thousands of Muslim and Kalash could be shift their injured and patient to this hospital and might they be saved with giving them first aid treatment. He also demanded for opening roads of three valleys so that these people not compelled to carry their edible commodities on their shoulder travelling by feet.


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