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3rd Hunting trophy of Markhor in Chitral. American citizen Mr. Robert Myles Hall successfully hunted Kashmir Markhor.

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By: Gul Hamad Farooqui

CHITRAL:  American citizen successfully hunted Kashmir Markhor in Chitral. This is the third hunting of the Markhor Hunting Trophy of this season.  American citizen Mr. Robert Myles Hall hunted  Markhor in Gahriat Gol Community Reserve. The Markhor is eight years old, and its horns are thirty-eight inches long.  American citizens paid $125000 in Pakistani rupees 37500000 paid for this hunting trophy by a hunter.

Markhor has been hunted twice before under the hunting trophy this season, and this is the third hunt of this season. 80% is given to the local community of total amount while 20% percentage is collected in the government treasury.

The amount collected from hunting trophies is often used for development and rehabilitation works in these backward areas, including bridges, roads, etc. Bidding for the hunting trophy takes place at the international level in which the successful bidder gets a hunting license to hunt Markhor in Shah Shah, Gahriyat, etc. while all kinds of legal hunting is prohibited in Chitral Gol National Park the protected area for wildlife habitat. There is often stealth hunting (illegally), but there is a ban on hunting even under the hunting trophy. About three thousand Markhors are living there, in most of the elderly Markhors also visit the village and often become victims of stray dogs. The local people are demanding that hunting of the ill, aging Markhors, which die spontaneously due to old age, should be allowed in the buffer zone around the Chitral Gol National Park. If hunting of these weak, emaciated, and aged Markhors is allowed, it will bring income of millions of rupees to Chitral and many developmental works can also be completed.

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