A meeting was held regarding new constituencies in Bajaur

Bajaur. Organized meeting regarding new constituencies in Bajaur organized by ANP.

According to the details, an all-party conference was held in a local hotel in Khar under the auspices of the Awami National Party regarding the new constituencies of all the political parties of Bajaur.

The All Parties Conference was presided over by ANP district president Gul Afzal Khan, the agenda of the meeting was presented by Gul Afzal Khan, on which the leaders of all parties presented their opinions, the leaders of all political parties participated in the meeting.

From Awami National Party President Gul Afzal, Nisar Baz, Maulana Khanzeb, Shah Naseer Khan, Gulzada Malik, Siddique Akbar Jan, PPP Akhunzada Chhtan, Sher Bahadur Haji, Anees Khan, Jamaat-e-Islami Maulana Waheed Gul, Muslim League President Gul Karim. Khan, Jamaat Ulema Islam Syed Ahmed Jan, Imran Mahir, Akbar Jan, Nawagi Najib Khan, Tehreek-e-Insaf Aurangzeb Khan, Luqman Khan, Bajaur Bar Association Javed Shah, Ikramullah, Malik Zakir unanimously agreed at the end of the meeting. A committee was formed regarding the proper distribution of provincial constituencies on the basis of population and geography.


In addition to the representation of all parties, representatives of the lawyers’ community and other independent candidates have been included in the committee through consultation. The next meeting of the committee will be called very soon on Sunday.

In the context of the objective situation, the committee will give unanimous suggestions to make a suitable case in Election Commission Islamabad.

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