Why Pakistan is Back word.

One of the main reasons for the backwardness of Pakistan is ignorance of the people about their rights and responsibilities. It is very tragic that our policy makers and hypocrite political leaders deliberately promoting ignorance in the society.

Actually these leaders, so called intellectuals and rulers of the state always worked for their personal motives instead of national interest. T

hey don’t know the duties of the state and not aware to promote good sense among the citizens. 

They have enslaved their own citizens in tribal areas under the colonial rules of dictatorship and autocracy.

In the tribal areas people were mistreated under the black law the Frontier Crimes Regulations (FCR 1901). Due to this mistreatment the marginalized people now are becoming extremists even suicide attackers. (The result of 60 years long hatred which is now coming to surface)

Now it is time to realize and find out solution of the problem. First step is that the politicians and civil society must work together. It is time to work systematically and educate the masses. In this regards further delay is too much harmful and the situation is not affordable for the country.

Positive ideas must be disseminated on village level through local newspapers, social media, radios, TV channels, pamphlets and books. Political parties must arrange meetings and explain the facts how to get a respectable position in the community of nations

. It is also necessary for the international community to support real stakeholders and real representatives of the people who are sincere with their mother land and mankind. In the past international community supported bogus and corrupt politicians who promoted religious extremism and negative thinking in the society.

Poor people of Pakistan and world community must know that, the feudal lords and those (most of them) in power are the opponents of the people and the state of Pakistan.  They are not ready to giving any space to the common man and trying to continue the status-quo based on historical prejudice.

It is the duty of the intellectuals, journalist, lawyers, doctors other professionals and mature people to put pressure on the establishment not to destroy the country and provide opportunity to the people so that they would be able to promote a civil sense and positive behavior in the society.

Our people need a healthy and open environment where they can nurture love, creativity and a new civilization.

There are some important question in the minds of common people that when our government will formulate some policy to stop the so called religious extremists and clerics that are howling in the loudspeakers and promoting extremism and unrest in the society.

This the irony of the fate that the extremists they are also against the government initiatives regarding primary health care, education, population welfare etc?  Colonial stigma in the form of feudal lords are the indirect supporters of the extremists and their power can be faded though the much needed land reforms.  When the government will realized the need to provide good education based on the pedagogy of cooperation, peace and positive thinking.

The education to enable our children to cope with the future challenges and capable to enter into relation with other nations and states.

In order to materialize the dream of a transformed and developed society, people of the country should form a new vibrant and dynamic political party.                                                                                    

Habibul Hassan Yad

(Habib H Yad is human rights activist, educationist and motivational speaker

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