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What is the meaning of Bajaur? || Why   bajaur is called bajaur?

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           The word Bajaur has been derived from the Persian word “Baj” and “Awardan” where Baj mean Tribute and Awardan mean to bring. Actually the area of Bajaur belonged to a tribe called Arab and was ruled the chief of the tribe. The name may therefore, denote the area, which paid tribute to that chief.

According to another version, the word Bajaur has originated from a Persian word “Bajoor” which mean “by force”. The common man of the area believes that this part of the area has ruled by force by the strongest of the tribal chiefs. Thus the common people of the area feel that the word Bajaur denotes an area, which has been ruled by the powerful tribal chiefs with force. 


The early history of this part of FATA is marked by invasions of Alexander (Fourth Century B.C) and Mahmood of Ghazni (11th Century A.D). The Pashtoon tribes basically belong to the present day city of Qandahar in Afghanistan. It has been said that the Tarkani tribe of Bajaur Agency (Mamund, Charmang, Khar and Salarzai) was ruled by the Mughals with Sakhi Arab Khan as their Governor whose graveyard exists at Nawai Dand near Khar. Alexender the Great reportedly stayed at Sikandro (in Bajaur Agency) and this place is known after his name. Sir Aurel Stein remarks in his book as follows



“” Though we cannot follow the details of Alexandar’s operations by the river Khoes, it is certain that they took him for a considerable distance up the large and populous valley of the Kunar River. Then he crossed the mountains to the East and had more than one hard fight in the territory, which the Greek records and geographical considerations combined, clearly show to have been the present Bajaur   ””

The  present   Jandool, including Maidan and Barawal were the parts of Bajaur ruled by Umara Khan known in history as Napoleon of Bajaur or the Pathan Napoleon. Umara Khan was a Mast Khel Tarkani. He extended his conquests upto Dir. However, the possession of these areas taken back by the Nawab of Dir and now these areas are included in the District Dir.


Geographically, Bajaur Agency is strategically located. It adjoins Malakand Agency on the South – East, Dir District on the North – East, Mohmand Agency on the South – West and Afghanistan on the North – West. Physically, it comprises of the two largely linked valleys Nawagai and Barang, which have mountains ranging in altitude up to 3000 meters.

The plain areas of the Agency are situated at about 2500 to 3000 feet above sea level. The hottest months are June and July while the coldest months are December and January.

In 1960, Bajaur was declared a Sub-Division of the Malakand Agency with an Assistant Political Agent appointed with his headquarters at Munda (Dir District) to deal with tribes and to look after the political affairs. Owing to the remoteness of the Agency and the Sub-Divisional headquarter, most of the people of the area could not come into contact with the administration and the area on the whole remained inaccessible.

Bajaur was upgraded to the status of independent agency on 1st December 1973 with the objective to bring this backward area socially, economically and politically at par with the rest of the country. A Political Agent with headquarter at Khar was appointed. The headquarters of Assistant Political Agent was shifted from Munda to Khar. For the convenience of the tribesmen and to enhance Pakistan Government’s influence in the area another post of APA with headquarters at Nawagai was sanctioned with effect from 01/07/1975.

Geographical Location:

South – East           Malakand Agency

North – East           Dir District

North                       District Peshawar, Agency, & Afghanistan

South – West         Mohmand Agency

Plain areas             2500 to 3000 feet above sea level

Total area              1290 Sq

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