Two Motorbike riders fell into the Mastuj Bridge at upper Chitral

two motorbike riders fell into the Mastuj Bridge at Upper Chitral. One rescued the other missing.

By   Gul Hamad Farooqui

(Upper Chitral) Two motorbikes fell into the Chitral River due to a deterioration of the bridge at the site of Mastuj, in  Upper Chitral. The rescue 1122 team reached the spot and recovered one injured from the river who was shifted to the hospital while providing first aid to the injured and was discharged from the the hospital.  Another biker missing in the river and Could not find the clue, According to the initial information motor-cycle riders were getting from the Upper Chitral Prawak that the incident took place on the Mastuj Bridge, remembering that the Mastuj Bridge has been partially affected due to the flood situation.

The bridge was also greatly affected by the floods last year, but the agencies and authorities did not take any steps to protect it. Now the recent devastating flood caused a crack in the bridge and the motorcyclist fell into the same crack site in the river Yarkhun, killing a man who was searched by the rescue team and they rescued the other person from the river.

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