The Rising Clash between Atheism and Religion

By: Sher Zada

Conflict is never ending drive which has been an evident pivot of debates across different religions over the history. From Stone Age till now clashes among the believers in God and none believers had have been affecting behaviors of thousands of human beings. Research studies revealed that most of time these religious conflicts drown lives of huge no of human beings on one side as well as damaged and polluted environment for other living species and broke the systemic cycle of abiotic components in our universe.

The conflict over the existence of God between the believers and none believers or parallel systems on one hand, while the intraconflict among the believers depict long histories of beautiful professing to prove self right and the other false on the other   damaged the rhythm of universe. However looking in depth the scenarios of all differences over the existence supernatural power or systems take us to the notion of economic drives and control over resources. But the factors which have been pushing the followers of these different religious ideologies have emotional and psychosocial grounds, which cannot be neglected at once.

From Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the lines of true Godhood were directed to follow the role of nature being part of it and being the agencies to affect it. As the societies evolved the channels of knowledge and thrives to get grip upon resources no matter only money but the thrill of imposing one’s will to force the believers exceeding religion (transfer of prophet hood obligation to the next) opted to nullify the principles of precedent or kept the followers of preceding religion under strict censorship by imposing taxes on them. In case of denial they had been put in severe punishment of exile or enslaved to serve the majesties, well to do cults of that time.

Anyway these religious ideologies had gone through the irony pages of soaring history of fights and wars. There is no doubt that religious testimonials of every religion has urged to keep order and staged to go with justice in day to day affairs. But the matter of infinity of human species and leaving the series of one generation to next had left the problem of sustenance of believers of one religion to the next, where the problem of incompact ideas paved the way for conflicts over belief system.

As results wars happened to be fought, race for territorial control were written to be occurred, religious idea of one believing group would to be disgraced and so on other injustices were definitely to be happened. After conceiving such Pascals and deceiving hope in religion and intrareligion compatibility forced strata from different religions to be none believers in God. Centuries passed to define these none believers, that who they are? Why they are? How they are? The term “Atheist” suited to define these none believers as one of the admitted class, who does not believe anyone rather the Natural system. Rationality, arguments and scientific endorsements are the pillar of atheism. They believe in total submission to the natural process instead of Muslims, Christians and Jews and other religions where God is the center of all good happenings and miss happenings. The atheists are also different than Hindus and Buddhists as well. It is pretty impressive that many atheists have contributed valued roles in the areas of scientific inventions, academia and arts. But on the other hand atheism has created several problems in damaging the normative order of human societies.

For example calculations regarding the magnitude of an expected earthquake would be possible, but the possible damage cannot be calculated advanced technologies. Another example of mental level can justify the falsehood of atheism, that naturally we human beings born with same skulls and minds, while we think differently, work differently, if the mind is linked with nature of a geographical location, then why minds of different people living in same geographical horizon think differently? How can it go against the law of nature? These are the social factors which indulge us in different thinkable viewpoints.  Being sensible and carrying with psychological emotions we would to rely on supernatural power, after getting deceived by scientific revelation.

The matter not ends here that atheism should be abolished or living with a religion should be considered a crime. But the ultimate answers to day to day questions in humans mind need to be addressed both by the preachers of religions as well as the supporters of natural self-reliance process “atheism”. Because half-filled and half empty glass both are the same still gives rise to a thousand questions.

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