The Grand Jirga of the leaders of Tarkhani and Atman Khel tribes of Bajaur agreed to continue the joint struggle for peace.

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Addressing the Jirga, Brigadier Rao Imran said that our efforts to establish peace are going on vigorously.


Khar: Grand Jirga of Tarkhani and Atmanakhel tribes of Bajaur was held at Bajaur Scouts HQ Khar.

 The Jirga was attended by Brigadier Rao Imran of Bajaur Scouts, Deputy Commissioner Bajaur Fahad Wazir, DPO Bajaur Abdul Samad Khan, government officers, tribal leaders, political leaders, business community and leaders belonging to different schools of thought. Addressing the Jirga, Brigadier Rao Imran said that our efforts to establish peace are going on vigorously.

He said that there is definitely some decrease but we will use all the resources to eliminate it, but as a society we have to fulfill our common responsibility.

 He said that the leaders and the people here have made immense sacrifices for the restoration of government rule and peace, but to maintain peace, we all have to work together and fulfill the common responsibility. The police, intelligence agencies and our teams are behind against the extortionists and will destroy them very soon.


On this occasion, Deputy Commissioner Fahad Wazir said that 80% peace has been established in Bajaur and the deficiency will be met with the support of the people. He said that because of the corn crop, the militants are taking advantage and this too will end very soon. DPO Bajaur Abdul Samad Khan said that extortion and target killing are a challenge but since we started patrolling, no incident of target killing has taken place this month and this is the result of our operations.

The DPO said that an FIR will be registered against the extortionists and whoever receives a call for extortion should inform us.

He said that the dream of peace cannot be fulfilled without the cooperation of the people. The Jirga was also addressed by tribal leaders Malik Shaheen, Aurangzeb Inglabani, Malik Gul Mehmood Khan, Maulana Guldad Khan, Maulana Zakirullah and others.

The leaders said that our leaders have sacrificed their lives for peace and restored peace and they will not hesitate to make any kind of sacrifice in the future, but our sacrifices should not be ignored. Tribal chiefs have made immense sacrifices for their country. Now let us not be walled up.

He said that we have sacrificed our lives for the sake of peace. But after the merger, our sacrifices are being completely ignored. We are being harassed by various pretexts.

 He said that the tribal leaders are facing serious security threats for making sacrifices for the sake of peace. Therefore, withdrawing the police officers responsible for their security from them on such an occasion is tantamount to putting them in more danger.

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