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Speech, Naath, national song and tablue competition held for encouragement of Orphan children of Chitral. 

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By Gul Hamaad  Farooqi 

CHITRAL: There is  an welfare institution in Chitral where all the orphan boys and girls of the district are sponsored and their education is also organized free of cost. An event was organized to bring these orphans together with other students, to give them a opportunity  of happiness and to attract the public’s attention on them This institution called Hamida Education Academy and Boarding  house in Chitral which takes care of orphan boys and girls across the district and also arranging for  their education and look after.

 A function was organized at Hamida Education Academy and Boarding to make these children happy for a few moments, to increase their knowledge and exposure  as well as to provide them an opportunity to meet  with other children  Apart from government and non-government schools, students of religious schools (Madars)  were also invited in this event   of National songs, naat, speeches and tableau competitions were held among the  students. 

 Russian psychologists Alina Darvey and Mikhail Mikalov  specially participated in this event to encourage these orphans. These guests from Russia appreciated the exemplary peace and hospitality of Chitral people.  

Responding to a question she strongly denied the negative propaganda against Pakistan in the western media and said that Pakistan is a peaceful country and the people here are very peaceful and both of us are moving freely here and do not feeling any  threats. 

In this event, the students performed in the best manner and received praise from the participants.  

Additional Assistant Commissioner Haji Hafeezullah was Chief guest on the occasion. . After this ceremony, the Russian guest got emotional and invited tourists from all over the world, including Russia, to  must come to Chitral and enjoy this peaceful environment.  

In this event, cash prizes of 10,000, 5,000 and 3,000 rupees were given to the first, second and third  position holders students. Along with the orphans, the guest students and participants also thanked Prince Mudassar-ul-Mulk and Maulana Imad-ud-Din, who have devoted  their lives for the support of these orphans and provided them  such  opportunity in which their exposure also took place. They forgot their deprivations and grief for a few moments. A large number of people participated in the event. 

The Chief  guest speaker, AC Chitral Hafeezullah, urged all the participants to take care of their orphan children  who have no support in this world, so that these children grow up to be useful citizens. He said that helping these children is an act of worship and for this the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has given the predict  that whoever supports an orphan will be with me in Paradise showing his two fingers like this . He said that in his charity, zakat and sadaqah we  should also give some part of it to these orphans so that they do not miss their parents and guardians. 

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