Shahab Uddin khan Chief of Pashat Salarzai

Shahab uddin khan a Diehard Politician and Warlord now Landlord Was born and raised in Pashat Salarzai the heart of Salazar valley in Bajaur. Shahab Uddin khan was the first born of Khan Sher Muhammad khan of Pashat salarzai who was entitled as khan of Pashat and later the Chief of salarzai by different Tribes living in bajaur and Salarzai in 1984.

Shahab uddin khan was enrolled in a local school in salarzai Gambat and was considered as the favourite student of a well know teacher of his time’s Ustad Nishtar saib.After learning the basics and his native language Pashto in the local school in Gambat khan and his Younger brother were shifted to the prestigious collagte school of Peshawar the capital city of Now known as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

After graduating from his school khan was enrolled in the prestigious Islamia collage Of Peshawar.Khan was a very brilliant student and had a spark of leadership at his youth.His political career started at his youth in college when he was a young boy.Khan Did his graduation from university of Peshawar and was awarded a bachelor’s degree.

When khan returned home His Father Khan sher Muhammad khan was very ill.Upon his suggestions Khan left his studies and stayed with his Father.Upon the death of his Father khan was crowned the chief of pashat and Salarzai tribe by the Elders of the tribesmen and his younger brother Salahuddin khan shaheed.

Khan started his Practical politics on the suggestion of his Late Father and Brother.Khan started his political career by forming a grand jirga and named it the Qabialy Aman Jirga.Khan was elected as the chairman of the Qabaili Aman Jirga.

The jirga committee decided to have one point agenda after its formation to resolve the tribal disputes among different tribal clans at that time.The committee achievements were remarkable and resolved different tribal conflicts at that time.As a young and courageous leader khan was the all-time favourite of the people of Bajaur. Khan remained in the headlines for years and gained popularity in the province as a young and energetic leader from the Tribal belt.He was young energetic and brave.

His followers loved him for his principles. After the formation of a new political party in Pakistan namely The National Awami Party Pakistan(NAPP) khan was honoured as the first president of NAPP for the tribal districts and later on the president of NAPP provincial President of the party.

Due to some reasons NAPP was merged Into Awami National Party ANP and khan remained on a key position in the party and was elected as Member National Assembly of Pakistan MNA.

He was the first of his family entering into practical politics and and the first representative of bajaur in his family in the National Assembly. Khan’s main focus throughout his political career was to Eradicate FCR and to make tribal equal Pakistani citizens the struggle was real and lots of hurdles were created but Khan never compromised his vision and principles for anything offered.

Khan is a die hard Patriot and fought battles for Pakistan when war was imposed By the global superpowers for their gains in the region specifically in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

After the end of so-called war on terror, Khan again participated in elections announced in 2013. Khan participated in the election from the platform of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and was elected with a huge minority. Nawaz Sharif and The Pakistan Muslim league won a clear majority in the elections. That was the time when khan decided to flow his agenda in the parliament of merging The then Fata in the khyber Pukhtoonkhwa Province. he convinced his leadership and the stakeholders with his skills of negotiations and fought for the rights of his people in the parliament and within his party. Khan on not compromising on his principles achieved his goal through a struggle which at that time seemed impossible.

Khan made Fata the key Part of Pakistan through constitutional amendments and implemented the constitution of Pakistan in EX Fata now known as the tribal districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. On his tremendous achievements, Khan is still the favourite leader of many.

Khan is still living in the Pashat area of Salarzai Bajaur as khan of Pashat and is enjoying a key position in the party.Khan is considered a Favourite within the party for the slot of Governor for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in the coalition government of the Pakistan Democratic Movement after gaining majority in the National Assembly After the No_Confidence vote moved by the coalition of Pakistan Democratic movement and Allies Through a democratic process in the National Assembly of Pakistan

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