Roads and bridges inaugurated in different valleys of upper Chitral.

Gul Hamad Farooqi.

CHITRAL: Several development projects were inaugurated in different valleys of Upper Chitral. Former Member of the National Assembly, Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali, inaugurated these uplift schemes and carried huge funds through the federal government for these projects and inaugurated them. Maulana Chitrali inaugurated the PCC road, in the remote area of Oveer for which he had approved a fund of Rs.5million.


Abdul Akbar Chitrali also inaugurated the road which will be constructed at a cost of  Rs 300 million for Kosht Link Road. In this connection, a simple event was held in Bumbagh, which was attended by a large number of people. Principal Retired Amanullah thanked him and demanded that the telephone exchange should be functioned in Bambagh. 


He also inaugurated Booni Goal Road with a cost of 20 million.  EX MNA inaugurated a link road in Khoot of Torkho Mulkho Tehsil and announced of Rs 40 million. A ceremony was held at Khot’s middle school in which people from the area thanked him and strongly criticized the former Member of the Provincial Assembly, Maulana Hidayat -ur –Rehman.  For a fake Inaugurating of a protection wall in this area, no work started nor funds were released for it. people distributed sweets on it, but after that, there was no funding for the project, and MPA Hedayat -ur –Rehman was also invisible. The people of his own party also expressed their anger and regret that despite being a religious clerk, he lied to the people and cheated us.


He also inaugurated Rich Bridge in the beautiful area of Tehsil Torkho with a cost of 10 million. On this occasion, the contractor of the Pakistan PWD department was also present with him so that people believe that this was not just a paperwork and verbal deposit, like the former Member of the Provincial Assembly, Maulana Hidayat-ur- -ur -Rehman.


He also inaugurated Trich Road with a cost of 40 million, a tourist destination on the outskirts of the Trich Mir Mountain. He also announced the initiation of work on the Madak Nashko road after approving Rs 5 million for the road. Similarly, he approved Rs 5 million for the road and announced that start work on it soon. Speaking at the public gatherings at the inauguration of the well-known development projects, Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali said, “I have approved this fund with great difficulty.”


He said that it is now the responsibility of the locals not to allow this fund to be deprived and to make committees at the local level to monitor these development works on a daily basis so that the contractor does not reduce the quantity and quality of this work. A large number of people attended these ceremonies and thanked him for releasing funds for this neglected area of Upper Chitral.

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