NHA ” cleared snow from Parabek Valley road

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NHA  cleared snow from Parabek Valley road and opened it for traffic.

By Gul Hamaad Farooqi

CHITRAL: There has been a lot of snowfall in Chitral this year, as a result, all the roads were closed due to heavy snowfall in Paribak Valley, however, the contractor of the National Highway Authority worked hard day and night to make this road clear every day and to opened it for traffic so that people can travel on it easily.

Due to the heavy snowfall in Chitral this year, on one hand, the farmers are happy because this snow is the best source of water for summer, but due to snowfall, the people are also facing difficulties due to the closure of many valleys and village roads.  The people of Garam Chashma valley celebrate the Pathak festival in the month of February every year in memory of the renowned spiritual leader Pir Nasir Khusro, in which they also send traditional dishes and gifts to each other. But due to road closure or heavy snowfall in this area, people were facing a lot of difficulties in reaching each other’s houses. Because of the cold here, the snow does not melt quickly. In order to provide convenience to the people, the staff and contractor of the National Highway Authority (NHA) cleared the road from Chew Bridge to Parabek valley. And now the traffic is flowing on this road. Elected  Nazim of this area and the people of the valley are also very happy about the opening of this road and also thank the NHA officials. Nazim and elders of the area say that there was a lot of snow here because this area is also very cold and the sun shines very little, which is why the snow has not melted yet and is lying on the road. It was very difficult for the local people to travel on it, but the National Highway Authority cleared the snow by tractors and then excavators on this road and now the road is open for all types of traffic.

Our correspondent also talked to NHA official Inamul Haq, he says that NHA tries of its best to provide clean roads to the people. He said that the maintenance section has the responsibility of this road from Chew Bridge to Shah Salim, now there is a lot of snow here but the road is open and people can travel easily.

The people of  Garm Chashma and Prabek valleys appreciate this initiative of NHA and also demand that the road in this valley should be widened as well as constructed soon so that people do not face any difficulties in coming and going on it.

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