PTI elected Tehsil Chairman Shahzada Amanur Rehman warmly welcomed by Garamchishma people

By Gul Hamaad Farooqi

CHITRAL:  In the second phase of recent local body elections, PTI nominee Shahzada  Aman-ur-Rehman won the seat of Chairman Tehsil Chitral with  heavy  mandate. He got 25606 votes while his nearest rival Maulvi Abdul Rehman of  JUI  who is also  former  member of the Provincial Assembly came second with 13285 votes. Prince Aman-ur-Rehman won with a  heavy  mandate with a lead of 12,321 votes. Hundreds of people from Garm Chashma came to Chitral and took him to Garm Chashma in procession. The procession started from  Shahi Qilla Chitral and all the way men and women from every village stood in the way and greeted them. During this time, some very emotional scenes were also seen when the elderly people of the area hugged Prince Aman-ur-Rehman and wept and expressed their happiness on his success.

The caravan consisted of several vehicles and the most interesting scene was when girls, women and young men stood on the road and  showered flowers on him. It is a custom of the people of Chitral to give shpiri on the occasion of happiness. Shapiri is actually to sweeten the mouth, but when offering shapiri, it also includes skim milk, curd, sweets and candies, walnuts, dried fruits.. All the people were standing with garlands of flowers in their hands and putting garlands of flowers around the neck of Prince Aman-ur-Rehman to express their happiness over his success. During this time aged l women would kiss the prince and express their love for him like son. The caravan hardly  reached Garamchishma  in five hours, where large numbers of people were waiting to receive him.

Apart from PTI workers, people from all walks of life gathered in large numbers at Garm Chashma. Addressing the public gathering, the people of the area expressed their happiness over Prince Aman-ur-Rehman, congratulated him and expressed hope that the people of the area, considering him as their son, would unanimously vote for him by a landslide. Succeeded in the same way they will now serve the people of this area. Addressing the public gathering, Prince Aman-ur-Rehman thanked the people of Wadi Garm Chashma, Karimabad, Shughur, Arkari, Persan, Union Council Ion, Jaguar, Bamburit and all the people of different valleys who jointly considered him as their son and  used their  precious vote in his favour to make them successful.

Prince Aman-ur-Rehman said that the ruling party’s candidates have won in three tehsils of Chitral, which means that people still trust on  Imran Khan, who brought together the foreign ministers of the entire Muslim world at  Islamabad in the OIC conference. ۔ On this occasion, he also criticized the PDM leaders and said that these people are bent on dismissing a leader like Imran Khan to cover up their mistakes but the nation stands by him and we have given him a heavy mandate again.  He said that the nation is well aware of the drama being played by the PDM leaders and we all stand with Imran Khan. Slogans in favor of Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf were also chanted on the occasion. Other leaders from far flung valleys  also expressed happiness over the success of Prince Aman-ur-Rehman.

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