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Nationalism; Prophecy of Development vs Personal Pursuits

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By; Sher Zada

Nationalism is the basic element of every progressive society. Every action and trait of social behavior that is aimed at the welfare and survival of society disregard of personal behests is called nationalism. A nationalist person takes that every step that is in favor of his/her society.” Due to nationalism several nations have reached to the peak of development. For example China that received independence one year later than us, drowned in social, moral and economic chaos for decades, reemerged as an exponential economic power in the world”. Mao Zedong the leader of communist party revived the Chinese culture of social, economic deprivation to a culture of self-reliance and self- affirmation, which challenged the current superpower United States and reinstated its economic as well as strategical positions to an unprecedented level. That most of the decisions couldn’t be approved without Chinese consent at United Nations Security Council.  Every year China exports trillion worth goods to other countries in the world. China exported US$2.499 trillion worth of goods around the globe in 2019. United States imports 16.8% goods that worth US$418.6 billion. Almost two-thirds (65.9%) of Chinese exports in 2019 were delivered to the  15 giant trade partners including U.S, Russia, United Kingdom, France etc., while exports to other medium and small level countries.  The Chinese trading dart has interfered in the routine matters of every state and almost half of the global economy is interdependent with Chinese economy. The recent COVID-19 pandemic that surfaced from the Chinese city  Wuhan and caused multiple death(4,633) in China .However China took controlled over the situation soon due to its utilitarian approach of engagement all the segments in society and gave a proof of one nation one response to COVID-19. The public stood shoulder by shoulder with their government and espoused all the preventive precautionary measures issued by the Chinese government.


On the other side Pakistan that is a senior to Chinese incarnation still hanging back and forth on the status of developing countries list. Though historically Pakistan is came into being due to two nations theory, but in modern era the bingo of theories don’t work nor have worth anymore, practical evidence of development in scientific and technological field and actual presence of welfare is gauged the symbol of a nation’s power. From our school days we are used to hear the anthem “ہم زندہ قوم ہیں، پائیندہ قوم ہیںmean we are an active nation, we are everlasting nation. But reality is much different than this notion, which is too anathematic and contrasting to the essence of this country. This anthem is revived in every political campaign, rally and even in  official events and lectures of national solidarity are given, the so called wise scholars preach every time for having spirit of national unity.


Nevertheless the politician, social activist, teacher whether teaching religion or contemporary arts, medical practitioner, engineer and businessperson everyone favors his/her personal interests over matters of national interest, that has put negative impacts on the performance of institutions as well as on the whole structure of our society .No body trusts other and nor the institutions, as a society we are living in bizarre situation. Politician tries to politicize that matter, which has no concern with public interest, for example discussing the issue of ethnicity when public ask him/her for their drinking water issue, what logic puts here, social activist embezzles standards of human rights violation and try to mold it to minority crisis, teacher always look for an ease and visits government offices for personal interests or      lobbying instead of teaching the pupils, doctor prescribes low standard and high commissioned drugs for cure, engineer compromise on material quality aimed at personal profit from the contractor, contractor mixes cement with mud instead of quality sand to earn more ,importer imports substandard goods and exports the same to abroad and defame Pakistan for his/her personal profit, police don’t file FIR(First Information Report) until get bribed. The aforementioned examples of serving self-interests and sabotaging national interests are cracking out the foundation of our society. There are certain principles if followed as an active and responsible member in society, can lead Pakistan parallel to the position of China. First if a person takes decision of choice or thing then s/he should think about the futuristic implications on society, as Aristotle said “Man is a social animal or Man is slave of society”. Second those who have education, wealth and resources should care about those who haven’t. Third the approach to life should be out of the box and compare standards of life not on individual basis but on societal basis with other societies, that how they respond to emergencies and how they manage crisis. Fourth the administrators should make policies equally disregard of racial, ethnical, religious and political bias. Thus it would help in building national consensus and will pave road for the development of Pakistan and will strengthen the sole discourse of nationalism and mitigate the prevailing disintegration in our society.

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