Mari Petroleum announces discovery of gas, oil reserves in Bannu

BANNU: Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) has announced the discovery of gas and oil reserves from its Bannu West Block.

According to the stock filing, a post-acid test was performed at the Lockhart formation to understand the performance parameters of the well, which revealed that the gas flows at the well have doubled to 50 MMSCFD from the initially reported flow rate of 25 MMSCFD.

The new test results are in order of 300 barrels per day of condensate at a flowing wellhead pressure of 5,500 psi and 40/64 inch choke size.

Mari Petroleum Company Limited said the mechanism is being evolved with the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines. Sui Northern will connect the wells with the national grid, the spokesperson for Mari Petroleum Company Limited said.

MPCL is the operator of Bannu West Block, with 55 percent working interest along with the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) and Zaver Petroleum Corporation (Pvt) Limited (ZPCL) as joint venture partners with 35 percent and 10 percent working interest, respectively.

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