“Manuscript of Trouble”

“Manuscript of Trouble”

Poetry By ;Sayeeda Sharmin

I can’t arrange my dreams at all
All the sorrows come and go randomly
My whole body is like a manuscript of suffering
So no hopes grows in my heart anymore
Only sorrow after sorrow comes every day
In the middle of the night chest sounds like a bat
And then the mountains of my fatigue
finding shelter my all the neurones their bed in my body
And from the basal ganglia of my skull
Then the words of the poem came out in procession
The words of each poem come as representations of suffering
And sorrow comes out in the middle of my pen with a gurgling sound
Sometimes my poems can’t be born
Short-lived, it remained in the middle of the cortex of my brain
I stood in the middle of the firing squad
I killed them one by one with the bullets of my pride
Yet I see that they do not die
I knelt down and apologized to them
Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me
Poetries gave me a crew smile
and said it’s not so easy to die.

Copyright by :
Author/ Poet
Sayeeda Sharmin

Sayeeda sharmin

The writer is Bengali Bilingual(Bengali,English) Author & Poet currently living in Canada. She has written several books on poetry and novels .

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