Mafkoora:unique institution Research and Development Center in KP.

A Unique Institution For The Promotion Of Art, Music, History, Research, Culture And Non-Violence In Pakhtunkhwa.


Peshawar : (Qyass Khan) Mafkoora Research and Development Center is a unique institution for the promotion of art, music, history, research, culture and non-violence in Pashtun Khwaja, which is being run with the help of Pashtun intellectual Hayat Roghani and other friends.

Music and painting classes are regularly held at Mafkoora Research and Development Center and many boys and girls who are interested in Pashtun Khwa music and painting are benefiting from it. In this regard, Javed Saqib, editor-in-chief of the children’s Pashto language magazine published by the said organization, Javed Saqib, said that Mafkoora refers to the thought that is proven true by both theory and experience over time.

He said that Mafkoora Research Center is doing many things including publishing of books, children’s magazines, study circles, music and painting classes, research related to language, literature and history and many other academic endeavors. He said that arts are the tools with which we can defeat extremism, terrorism and intolerance.

Shehzad Syal, the teacher of Mafkoora Research Center’s painting department, while expressing his views, said that art and painting are things that express the emotions and feelings of a nation and they present the emotions and feelings of a nation in an embodied form. Is.

He said that despite the promotion of modern technology, the importance of art and art remains because it expresses people’s feelings.


Qyass Khan

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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