Jirga of Bajaur Peace Action Committee held.

Report Waqas Ahmad

Khar :The jirga of the Bajaur Peace Action Committee was held in a local hotel, in which the leadership of political parties including ex-parliamentarians, businessmen and representatives of the journalist community participated.

Condemning the daily increase in target killings in Jirga, he said that the new wave of unrest is the failure of security agencies including the government and district administration, demanding the government to take concrete steps to restore peace, and peace. The 12 demands of the Action Committee regarding law and order should be fulfilled.

The Jirga unanimously passed the resolution that tomorrow Friday will be celebrated as the Day of Peace, tomorrow the scholars in all the mosques will talk to the members about peace in the sermon.

The national leaders who are part of the Peace Action Committee are upset over an issue, a committee was formed to address their concerns, which will meet the leaders soon and address their concerns and once again agree and unite to participate in the struggle for peace.

While after consultation with all the political and national leaders of Bajaur, a grand peace march will be held in the last week of December.

The final decision of which will be under the supervision of Awami National Party Bajaur next Jirga

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