Jirga bans women from visiting tourist places in Bajaur

In the name of tourism in Bajaur, spreading obscenity, destroying traditions will not be allowed: Jirga

Bajaur. On July 15, a Grand Jirga of the Salarzai Nations was held under the supervision of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam.

Jirga demands

1 In the name of tourism in Bajaur, no one will be allowed to spread obscenity and destroy our traditions.

We want development in the tourism sector along with other sectors, but bringing women to the tourism centers and walking together with men is a violation of our tradition, so in the future, women will be banned from the tourism centers. Prevent it, otherwise the nation itself will be forced to prevent it

3 Jirga demands that non-local recruitment in all departments of Bajaur is not accepted by us, it is a robbery on the rights of the educated youth of Bajaur, so eliminate all non-local recruitment and recruit the qualified youth of Bajaur.

Harassing the Pakhtuns in the name of the nation in Sindh, shutting down their businesses and torturing them unnecessarily is condemnable.

Sindh administration should immediately stop these atrocities

5 Express concern over the wave of lawlessness in Bajaur, especially in FATA, and demand the government to take concrete and serious steps to end lawlessness.

6 We condemn in the strongest possible terms the brutal murder of two scholars, Qari Samiuddin and Qari Numan, in North Waziristan yesterday. The government should immediately arrest their killers.

Local Administration

Assistant Commissioner Khar, Hamza Zahoor said that there does not exist any ban on movement of women or families to picnic spots or tourist destinations anywhere in Bajaur. “All tourist spots are open to all and sundry.

No private individuals or non-state outfits are allowed to interfere in this freedom.

However, in view of the cultural sensitivities involved on account of Bajaur being a religiously conservative society, further measures will be taken to ensure that local sensitivities are respected,” he said.

“The said dam has separate space for families which lies far away from general space open to youngsters and male visitors.

Further measures will be taken to ensure that the female quarter is properly cordoned off and utmost parda is ensured,” he said.

There doesn’t exist any district-wide popular consensus prohibiting the movement of women, nor would such demands accommodated or tolerated, added the AC.

Qyass Khan

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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