International donors NGOs, philanthropists help sought by Kalash councilor Unat Baig Kalash.

Human lives were lost, standing crops, cultivated land, orchards of fruit trees were also destroyed or extensively damaged.

Gul Hamaad Farooqi

CHITRAL:  Member Tehsil Council Chitral for Minority Unat  Beg has appealed to national institutions, international organizations, NGOs and international donors that due to the recent heavy historical rains and floods, there is a sense  of emergency in the whole  Pakistan and especially in Chitral district. In addition so many houses, properties, crops, gardens and infrastructure have been wiped out, communication roads, bridges have been washed away due to flood and land routes have been cut, causing difficulties in rescue and relief operations.

Have  Keeping in view these problems  it  is not visible at the moment having  the risk of food shortages, especially in the hilly areas, where the crops were harvested in the second week of September when the rains and floods started. In three weeks, the entire crop was destroyed.

This is a difficult situation for the livestock as well as the human food crisis that we are facing. I appeal to the national and international donors to help Pakistan and the people of the backward district of Chitral in Pakistan. It should be noted that due to the recent rains and floods in valleys of  Bomburit, Brir, Rambur, Arkari, Gulin, Sheshikoh, Yarkhun, Yarkhun Lasht, Kan Khun, Breep, Pawar, Bhang, Miragram and many other valleys.

Human lives were lost, standing crops, cultivated land, orchards of fruit trees were also destroyed or extensively damaged. In these valleys, drinking and irrigation water canals, pipelines and streams were also flooded due to which the standing corn crop is drying up and destroying.

Most of these valleys have only one crop in a year and if that too  destroyed due to natural calamities, these people will not have anything to eat.

Talking to our correspondent, Unatt Baig Kalash has appealed to the United Nations and the whole world that the Secretary General of the United Nations also come to Pakistan.

He visited these affected areas and he saw this scene of devastation and seventy percent of Pakistan has been affected by floods or rain in one way or another. He said that Pakistan is a debtor country and its resources are very limited. Therefore, philanthropists and donor organizations from all over the world are requested not to leave the Pakistani people alone in this hour of trouble and to fully cooperate with them.

It is worth to mention here  that in most of the areas of Chitral where floods have occurred, winter season will start in this month and in  case of rain, snow may also fall. People whose houses have been destroyed in floods are forced to live under the open sky.

If their damaged houses are not rebuilt or shifted to a safe place before the onset of winter, pregnant women, children, frail, aged  people and sick people will face severe hardships due to severe cold.

He said that some government and non-government organizations are helping the victims but they are insufficient because sending food items cannot solve the problem of the victims who are forced to live under the open sky.

There is a need to rebuild the damaged houses of these affected people or to give them enough money so that they can move to a safe place and avoid the danger of floods.

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