International Anti-corruption Day was celebrated in Drosh.

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By Gul Hamaad Farooqi

CHITRAL: The World Anti-corruption Day was celebrated in the historic town of Drosh, a welfare organization, under the auspices of Young Star Development Organization (YSDO). On this occasion, Darosh Tehsil Chairman Prince Khalid Pervaiz was  Chief guest. In this regard, YSDO held a  ceremony at Drosh.  Addressing the ceremony, the speakers said that the roots of Pakistan have been opened by bribery, until the scourge of corruption  is not eradicated from this country, we will not developed.  They  said that the scourge of  corruption has drowned development works in this country and most of the funds go into the pockets of a few corrupt elements instead of development works. The speakers said that this is the moral responsibility and religious duty of all of us to discourage it. We want to get rid of this scourge of bribery. They  said that it is also proved from Quran and Hadith that both those who take and give bribes will go to  hell.

Former District Council Chairman Khurshid Ali Khan gave the example of China and said that a company in China used to make milk for children in which there was a complaint of adulteration, on which the Chinese authorities investigated and proved adulteration and the Chinese court found this billionaire. After the businessman was sentenced to death, no one in China dared to bribe and mix any illegal thing in food after that. They have the courage to say what is wrong and what is right, no matter how powerful they are, but whatever powerful people do in our country, no one can ask them, but the weak people are trapped. If we do not curse this moral crime and we ourselves do not discourage it, no institution or power can extract this thing from us.

YSDO Chairman Asfandiar Khan  said that the main purpose of celebrating Anti-corruption  Day is to create awareness   among the people to discourage bribery and to refuse to accept bribes from government and non-government officials and criminal elements. Their allies should take disciplinary action. Abdul Majeed, Chairman of Union Council Arundu, which is located on the Pak-Afghan border, said that Arundu is the most remote and backward area of Chitral, but unfortunately bribery and corrupt elements  any development project in Arundu not completed with standard specification. whether it is a water supply project, electricity, water, road, canal or any other government work, the area is still slipping into poverty. Qari Jamal Abdul Nasir said that corruption  is not only that an officer or official takes bribe  from someone, but the officer or public servant who receives  salary but does not perform his official duty honestly also falls under the category of bribery and corruption . .

During the program, the Chief guest  and Additional Assistant Commissioner, DSP Drosh AJmal Khan etc. also distributed certificates of appreciation among the volunteers of YSDO. The participants also held  a walk on anti-corruption carrying banners  which started from the YSDO office and passed through the main road of Drosh and ended at zero point. A large number of people participated in which elected administrators, councillors, chairman, officers of government and semi-government institutions, Tehsil municipal administration officials, religious and political leaders and social workers also participated.


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