Drug business under the nose of authority in tribal district.

Sher Zada

We often see the prohibiting advertisements “Smoking is injurious to health, smoking causes cancer “or “No sale to under 18”. But this is not too much worthy in terms of fear to immediately avoid cigarette smoking in Pakistan. Though our neighboring country has banned the promotional advertisement of cigarette manufacturing companies, more than that smoking is not allowed in public places. Even we can see awareness adds in Indian movies prior to any smoking spots. Really this is an appreciating step taken by Indian government, which is spreading awareness in public about the dangerous effects of smoking. In Pakistan the Ministry of health has also bounded cigarette manufacturing companies to display cautions about the health damaging effects of cigarette smoking, but on mass level no serious steps have not been taken yet. Although some experts are of the view that cigarette smoking is not too much risky if it is not over dosed of a certain limits. Hashish, marijuana, heroin, opium, alcohol and the latest version known as Ice are the most dangerous types of substance abuse. The federal capital Islamabad is also not free from these menaces, in last couples of months the law enforcement and antinarcotics forces have arrested dozens of drug suppliers consisting on males, females and also some transgenders. Indeed it is a good sign of state’s machinery to crack down on drug mafia. But when look into such matters of drug business and role of antinarcotics department, we come up with demise, especially in federally administrated tribal areas (FATA). Khyber Agency is one of the most notorious for drug business in FATA, it is thought the 90% of the drug supply to other parts of FATA, and adjacently provincial capital of Khyberpakhtunkhwa (Peshawar) and other parts of Pakistan, is being done from Khyber Agency. This view might be strengthen with some validating factors. First, Khyber Agency is bordering with Afghanistan, wherefrom most trade supply continue from a couples of decades between the neighboring countries Pakistan and Afghanistan via Turkham , the drug suppliers get advantages from this supply root. It becomes very difficult for the law enforcement agencies to have regular check on these suppliers. Secondly, Karkhano Market (Business center), which is not the only but least the most important business for the local and non-local visitors. There is no proper surveillance and monitoring system to watch on these drug businesses. Locally substandard alcoholic drinks are prepared here, local people and non-local alcohol loving costumers mostly the Punjabis come here for low cost drinks and also for a no of varieties of heroin, which is also called “Tokens” in layman language. However, after a no of consecutive military operations carried out by Pakistan Army causes a little bit control on the drug business in Khyber Agency, but still the disease of drug abuse is spreading across FATA and other parts of the country. Bajaur Agency is one of those areas where drug abuse is on high peak these days. The no of drug addicts has been increasing day by day, and the drug dealers are doing their business openly with full confidence even in the four main towns  Nawagai, native town of former Governor Engineer Shaukat Ullah Khan, Khar and Inayat Kali and Pashat the central city of tehsil Salarzai which is the native town of current member of National Assembly Shahab Uddin Khan (NA-44), However, sometimes ago he his self-took actions against the shopkeepers who were involved in selling drugs, but instead of that still drug business is on boom there. They continue their selling in the shape of vendors, attract youngsters to buy stuffs causing drug addiction. The supply of drugs is not job of an ordinary person, persons related to main political parties, public figures are mostly involved in this business due to political and financial backup support of strong hands in the Agency. Anti narcotic force and other relevant authorities do not seem too much functional in this matter. Though Bajaur Agency hold a populous (more than ten lac) position in FATA in the current 2017 census, mostly it is comprised of energetic youth, but drug addiction is causing major restraints in the process of development. There is an urgent need for taking action against the drug Mafia, to secure the young blood from this life killing dragon. The Authority should play her role and crack down all the culprits, who are responsible for drug supply, sale and business.

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