Dreams Shattered: Rahimullah’s Illegal Journey to Europe

Dreams Shattered: Rahimullah’s Illegal Journey to Europe.

42-year-old Rahimullah, the last person who died in the boat accident in Italy, was buried in his native area of ​​Bajaur. It should be remembered that 67 people drowned in a boat accident in Italy on February 26 last month.

In which the last body was that of 42-year-old Rahimullah Khan from Bajaur, who was transported to Islamabad Airport by British Airways on March 16, where he was handed over to his heirs. In a welfare state, providing education and employment to every citizen is the primary responsibility of the government.

There is no shortage of talent in Pakistan. But unfortunately, our rulers fail to provide employment to the youth. Obviously, a young person studies for 15 to 20 years with the hope that he can earn a decent living for his family. Parents sacrifice everything for the sake of their children, but when the time comes, the destination is not reached. In such a situation, a youth takes illegal means to generate employment for himself The youths of Bajaur suffering from the same conflict included Rahimullah, Fahmim, and others who committed suicide a few months ago.


Rahimullah was also one of the unfortunate youths who decided to go to Europe illegally four months ago for a better future. This dua is being prayed for 42-year-old Rahim of Bajaur by the people who came to his house. Rahimullah’s boat sank near Italy when he was traveling illegally from Turkey to Italy. A month later, his body was transferred to Pakistan and he was cremated in his native graveyard on March 27. Before him, Fahim son of Abdul Sattar who belonged to Bajaur Shagu, and Fahim who belonged to Siddiqabad Bajaur also died in the camp due to kidney failure on reaching Italy.

According to Rahimullah’s elder brother, Rahimullah went to Turkey by air three months ago and now wanted to go to Italy for a better future, but unfortunately, this illegal route separated Rahimullah from his family forever. According to Rahimullah’s elder brother Momin, Rahimullah had a graduation degree and possessed good morals and qualities. They went to Turkey and I told them to stay in Turkey but they said no, people are going to Italy, we have to go too. For this, they also talked to someone for 22 lakhs. Momin said that they preferred to go to Italy by boat legally, to which we agreed. On the day he was going in the boat, about ten to fifteen minutes before the accident, he sent a message that Alhamdulillah we are going to arrive safely and in ten minutes we will land at our destination.

But after ten minutes we lost contact with them and when it was later found out that the boat (launch) had met with an accident and all the people on board had drowned.


Rahimullah’s uncle Masim Khan and nephew Luqman Khan say that Rahimullah had previously worked in Saudi Arabia for five years, but his sponsor did not pay his wages, due to which he left Saudi Arabia. I abandoned labor and took the illegal route to Europe.

He further said that there was no other member of his family in Saudi Arabia when Rahimullah worked there for six years and the sponsor embezzled sixty thousand Riyals from him, he felt sorry for him, and he returned from Saudi Arabia. But made a difficult decision to go to Europe illegally. Luqman Khan said that his uncle Rahimullah was a very good person, he was like our friend. When their labor was usurped in Saudi Arabia, they were so fed up that they did not even bother to look at them.

It should be noted that 67 people were killed and 80 people were saved along with Rahimullah in the boat capsizing accident on February 26. To avoid tragedies like these, the government of Pakistan should play a role.

If the government had created good employment opportunities for these youth, perhaps these youth would be living with their families today. It is time for the government to adopt the best strategy to remedy these tragedies and provide employment opportunities to the youth in Pakistan itself.


The chairman of Youth of Bajaur and social activist Engineer Rihan Zeib said that many people contact him that their son or brother is stuck in Iran, Turkey, or African countries and now he is in jail or has met with an accident on the way. Or are lying injured or dead in different hospitals. According to him, they have not been able to access it and there are many problems in this area.


He said that we are trying to reduce the problems faced by people and many people who were victims of accidents or were imprisoned in jails have reached their homes with the help of government and social organizations. An example of this two months ago was a young man who was a victim of an accident and was injured in a hospital in Libya. He raised this issue on social media and shared the news with journalists. is healthy He said that people in Pakistan are inclined towards it by seeing pictures and videos of social media or other developed countries, but the reality is the opposite.


According to an article recently published on the Peshawar Today website about people going to Europe illegally from Bajaur, the process of going illegally from Bajaur to European countries started in 2000, but after 2015, this trend increased. happened There is no authentic data on these illegal travelers but it is estimated that around 1500 youths from Bajaur travel illegally to Europe every year.

This trend of going to Europe illegally is increasing every year. In Pakistan, only the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has the authority to act against human trafficking and a separate cell has been established in each provincial office.


According to Mohammad Aftab Butt, Deputy Director and Head of the Anti-Human Trafficking Cell in FIA Office of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, agents who take people out illegally not only waste their money by lying to poor and forced people but also use their own money. People buy death.


Qyass Khan

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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