Damaged road by Earthquake and flood reopened by NHA for traffic.

Damaged road by Earthquake and flood reopened by NHA for traffic.  

By Gul Hamaad Farooqi

CHITRAL: in recent days due to the severe earthquake, there were landslides and huge stones falling from the mountains on various roads of Chitral. Due to the earthquake, the mountains often cracked and separated from each other. After that, when it rained, more debris  by the rainwater washed over these roads, due to which these roads were either blocked or traffic was disrupted due to this debris. Missionaries of the National Highway Authority immediately moved  into action and removed heavy stones,boulders  and debris from these roads and opened them for traffic. NHA Assistant Director Aamir Zeb himself is supervising the cleaning work of these roads, he told the details about it to the media.

Bashir Ahmed, spokesman of the construction company, says that they try to provide all possible facilities to the public as per the instructions of the NHA officials.

The people of the area are also very happy on re-opening of these roads. Ijaz Ahmed  a resident of Dineen, says that this road was closed due to the earthquake, now the NHA officials have reopened it,  we are very happy to solve our problems.

Ever since the main highway of Peshawar-Chitral has been handed over  to NHA, after that whenever any debris falls on the road, the NHA staff immediately clears it and opens it for traffic so that people do not face any difficulties in traveling as well as to also save them from  accidents.

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