Bajaur: Rescue 1122 rendered its services in 4635 accidents.

Rescue Bajaur 1122 Releases Annual Performance Report for the Year 2022

Khar:On December 31, 2022 Rescue Bajaur 1122 released its annual performance report.

According to District Emergency Officer (DEO) Mr. Muhammad Saad Khan Rescue 1122 Bajaur received 113319 calls. Which reveals that most of the calls were about rescuing persons in medical emergencies i.e., 2802 following by 404 road accidents emergencies ,100 firing, injurious disputes ,64 flame and fire related incidences ,22 houses damage incidents,15 drowning in water and 10 bomb and cylinder blasts incidences.

“Rescue 1122 Bajaur has timely responded and delivered best of its services in Bajaur” said Mr. Khan DEO Rescue 1122 Bajaur.  The competent organization has managed 255 diversified operations and achieved success in its operations.

The organization has conveyed 963 persons through its free of cost referral ambulance facility to the hospitals out of district Bajaur aimed advanced and better treatment. DEO Rescues disclosed that 45 persons lost their lives, of whom some   in mid of conveying to the hospitals for advance treatment could not survive   and others in the hospitals. Rescue “Bajaur 1122 is capable of providing on the spot first aid medical services,

Bajaur Rescue 1122 rendered its services in 4635 accidents.

however keeping in mind advance precautionary measures it conveys victims of incidences to the hospital for further treatment” Mr. Khan. Rescue 1122 Bajaur team is compromised of highly professional and skilled personals that reached to the venue of incidence within time limit of 7 minutes or less than. Further DEO Bajaur 1122 revealed that the beside its busy schedule the competent team of Rescue 1122 Bajaur has delivered safety trainings in different public and private educational institutions and have trained more than 400 volunteers across Bajaur. Mr. Saad Khan repeated that the Rescue 1122 Bajaur will continue its service to the best as it is committed to serve the community.


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