92 years old Kalash woman buried after performing 2 days death ceremony .


By Gul Hamaad Farooqi 

CHITRAL:  A well-known personality of Kailash tribe, social worker, hotel owner Abdul Khaliq Kailash’s mother Sherkani died at the age of 92 year at Krakar village.  She i was buried on the second day after performing all religious rites according to Kailash culture. The body of the deceased was  kept  at Jastkan, a religious place of worship of the Kailash tribe.  During this period  notes of Rs. 100 and 1000 putting to decorate their caps or head.  Religious leaders called Qazi coming there turn by turn  standing at the head or feet of the deceased, praising them and paying homage to them. 

According to the Kailash tribe, religious rites are performed on the death of a man for three days in which  boys beating drum and women sing the song of the deceased, perform special  folk dances and men also perform traditional dances  with the beating of drum  in a unique style. They also open areal firing  at the time of his burial. On the death of a woman, rituals are performed for one to two days. But at the time of his burial, aerial firing is not done and drums are not often played. 

The death of the late Sherkani was celebrated for two days in which forty goats, an ox and two calves were also slaughtered. The Kailash people slaughter these animals through  the Muslims so that the charity given to the deceased can be eaten by both the Kailash and the Muslims living in the valley. On the death of Sher Kani, a large number of people of Kailash tribe had also come from Barir Valley and Rambor Valley. At night, they were treated to cheese, lassi and chapatti, while during the day, when the body was buried, guests were given food, including meat, ghee, bread and traditional food. Josh is a delicious food that is prepared by cooking flour in meat broth. About three canisters of desi ghee and cheese were also offered to the guests at the funeral. 

From the day of death, biscuits and bakers were also offered along with tea to the guests who came for condolence. At last late  Sherkani  was buried with all of  her belongings in the grave, they left the bed in which her body was taken to the graveyard upside down on top of his grave. The men also washed their hands in the same canal after burying the corpse and then joined in the meal. 

Our correspondent also went to Kailash Valley for two days for coverage all these rituals  events and talked to the people concerned. Lok Rahmat Kailash says that we slaughter these animals with this belief so that there is charity for the deceased and birds are also fed in it. He said that when  a child is born, everyone celebrates its birth, but the people of Kailash give it to them happily even at the time of death and even then they would play drums and sing songs so as to see off the deceased person. 

Abdul Khaliq Kailash said that our mother was a great woman, , she gave us a good education and now my children are all successful. One of my  son is also an officer in the National Accountability Bureau. “I will always miss my mother and always remember her,” He  said. A large number of guests from the three valleys came to offer condolences on the death of the late Sherkani and this process will continue for many more days. 


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